Three, two, one... Let beauty rise!

On the 15th of June, the Municipality of Oeiras gave the green light to Jardim Miraflores. The team of GJP Arquitectos and Metrourbe designed three buildings with plentiful greenery, private pools and breathtaking views on the Tagus estuary. We will lay the first stone very soon and work hard to realize your dream apartment by 2022.

Jardim Miraflores is ready for take-off

Letter from Krest CEO

What strange weeks and months these have been. At Krest, we have always made the difference with our personal touch. We prefer looking our clients in the eye and we care more for a handshake than a digital signature. But for a while, there was no other way. We had to close the info booth at Miraflores, cancel meetings, work from home and get used to video calls, just like you perhaps. But it has not stopped us from getting things done, so may I present you with some good news?

One by one, we have jumped over the final hurdles and Jardim Miraflores is now truly ready to go. It’s one of the most ambitious feats in our portfolio, a project we’re still proud to talk about. The three buildings respectfully blend into the landscape, the views will be amazing, light and space prevail in all the tailor-made apartments. And most of all: we matched beauty with true sustainability in our design, the materials and the finishing touch.

But before I get poetic again, let me tell you where we are at right now.

Lotus Living - Check!

The municipality of Miraflores appreciated the work of GJP Associated Architects and granted the architectural design approval to Lotus Living. So we are thrilled to announce that the construction license has been introduced. Lotus Living is one of the three separate residencies, a nine-floor tower with 47 apartments and a panoramic swimming pool on the rooftop.

Specifications - Check!

The design brief with specifications has been finished and approved. This is when the fun part starts. Every future resident can now make some final choices about materials and the finishing touch, to make every one of the 119 residential at Jardim Miraflores into a personalised home.

Financing - Check!

Nobody builds a project like this without solid financial backing. At Jardim Miraflores, it comes from Millenium BCP Bank. The largest private bank in Portugal only invests when they believe in the value, so we are proud to have this partner on board.

Reservations - Check!

The crisis months did not stop people from securing a home for the future. Perhaps this pandemic simply revealed the need for a quiet oasis to live in comfort, especially when the regular world has stopped turning. For now, 70% of the apartments have already been reserved.

There is still room for you. Just a stone’s throw from Lisbon and within easy reach of the beaches of Cascais, you can combine nature with urban energy. You could be a part of this adventure!

Read on, call, mail, or make an appointment for a visit or exchange quick messages through Whatsapp? Whichever suits you best.

Wishing all the best for you and yours,

Claude Kandiyoti