“Our goal is to always contribute towards an improved social, economic and environmental well-being of communities everywhere we invest”

“We want to invest in sustainable projects and use new approaches and inspirations to shape them”

“We want to keep our cities attractive, and we believe that sustainability is more than a buzzword.”

“We want to keep our cities attractive, and we believe that sustainability is more than a buzzword.”

For Krest, ESG is a long-term commitment, that has set us on a mission to contribute more to the benefit of communities and the planet. At the same time, we believe that increased transparency will boost levels of confidence of our clients, partners and investors, and the local neighbourhoods. We aim to build towards a more sustainable present.

What we stand for

We are fostering innovation by promoting the use of new and more sustainable technologies in construction and in the Real Estate sectors. We are currently studying the use of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) as well as improved ways to maximize renewable energy production / consumption to develop a residential neighbourhood in Portugal.

We are working closely with several Portuguese Municipalities to develop underdeveloped areas, thinking of solutions that contribute to social inclusion and challenging the regular way things are usually done to reduce construction and operational environmental impacts.

We take a step back in our projects and we focus on ways to reduce waste and promote a rationalized use of natural resources. We are defining metrics and will start measuring our success in this field.

On our most recent projects, Krest has accepted several challenges from developing an office tower BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Certified attaining a score of BREEAM-Excellent, to taking significant steps to reduce carbon footprint of our residential buildings by incorporating recycled and new technological materials and by implementing highly efficient heating and cooling solutions.

KREST is already developing projects taking ESG drivers into account:

Krest selects service providers based on their sustainable practices namely architects and engineering consultancies.

Krest develops neighbourhoods from the very beginning thinking about communities’ wellbeing, mobility, economic growth, and environment..

Krest aims to reduce carbon emissions on its projects, by reducing the number of parking spaces promoting other means of transport and by implementing electric chargers in our projects.

Krest is working to bring new construction technologies and materials to the Portuguese Real Estate industry.

Krest is working in partnership with B-Corp certified companies and has started to embed and share knowledge across the companies.