KREST Real Estate Investments is a family-owned business involved in prime real estate and development.

We offer an ambitious vision, with high quality and sustainability at the heart of all our projects. With offices in Brussels, Lisbon and Porto, our real estate portfolio and track-record spreads across many asset and investment classes all over Europe, including logistics, business parks, offices, retail, residential, hospitality, and co-living. Dream bigger and be a part of a real estate force for good.

KREST aims to invest in sustainable projects and develop them with fresh inspiration. Our goal is to contribute to the current and future social, environmental, and economic wellbeing of the local communities and neighbourhoods where we invest.

The portfolio spreads across logistics and offices, to retail, the residential sector, and the hospitality industry.

Adnan Kandiyoti

Chairman of the Board

Claude Kandiyoti

Chief Executive Officer

Ilan Zatalovski

Chief Financial Officer

Pedro Oliveira

Head of Operations, Portugal

Márcia Oliveira

Head of Marketing and Sales

Sandra Ferras

Chief Accountant

Romeu Rosa

Technical Director

Raquel Soeiro


Virgínia Palma

Project Manager

Francesca Ross

Executive Assistant | Commercial Real Estate Manager, Belgium

Patrícia Domingues

Financial Controller

Pedro Nisa

Sales Manager

Felippe Mello

Sales Manager

Carlota Outeiro

Sales Manager

Ana Santos

Sales Manager

Vânia Pereira

Sales Assistant